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Movie Scripts

A scene in England: A Crazy Washing Machine

As the man entered his home after a workout at the gym, he habitually tossed his dirty clothes into the washing machine. However, this time was different. The window of the washing machine suddenly closed on its own and the machine started up without any prompting. The man watched as the color of the button changed to orange, transfixed by the strange occurrence.

This seemingly mundane moment took on a surreal quality, leaving the man feeling disoriented and disconnected from reality. It was as if he had stepped into a scene from a David Lynch film, where the ordinary became extraordinary and nothing was quite as it seemed.

A scene in Lisbon: Lost Highway in Post Punk Lisbon

One day I came home at Rua dos Cavaleiros 48, I found on the living room table a video cassette of “Lost Highway”, the house was empty, my landlord a man in his 50s who has made a lot of life between Lisbon and Madrid, put it under my eyes, he knew that I was living that film in my real life, He tried to warn me. Exactly like in the movie, with Draculina Arquette.

The man in his fifties leaned forward, his eyes intense as he spoke to the young man. “Listen,” he said, “if you want to experience something truly unique, something that will stay with you for the rest of your life, you need to watch Lost Highway .” The older man continued, “It’s a strange and surreal film, set against the backdrop of a city that is simultaneously decaying and vibrant.

The young man nodded slowly, taking in the older man’s words. As he left the cafe where they had been talking, he could sense the passion and conviction behind them, and he knew that he needed to see this film but he waited 7 years to do so.  The post punk scene in Lisbon during that time was unlike anything else, and it provides the perfect complement to the film’s themes of loss and disconnection.”